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by ConstructionConnection.com.au on 08/08/2011 - 01:45 pm

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A UNIQUE Spanish-built rock breaker attachment for excavators has smashed the competition to win best new product at Civenex 2011. By Brooke Showers

The Xcentric Ripper was launched locally at Civenex by distributor Matthews Equipment

Described as a revolution in rock excavation, the Xcentric Ripper was launched locally at Civenex by distributor Matthews Equipment.

Matthews Equipment parent company Matthews Contracting is based in Ingleside, New South Wales and has been active in demolition, excavation and civil works for 20 years.

Matthews Equipment sales and marketing director Mark Burton said the Xcentric Ripper could be 100% to 450% more productive than a hydraulic hammer, depending on the rock hardness.

“There are rippers out there and there are hammers but there is no other product in the world that does what this does,” he said.

Matthews has exclusive distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand and says that since the attachment’s market inception eight weeks ago major Australian civil companies and contractors have shown interest.

There are eight Xcentric Ripper models – the XR10, XR15, XR20, XR30, XR40, XR50, XR60 and XR80. The number designates the weight of the excavator in tonnes that each attachment is suited to.

Burton said he was negotiating one deal for an XR60 in Perth to be used underwater as part of a major job. Designed as a combination ripper and hammer, the Xcentric Ripper has two main movements – down and back.

“The point where the tooth is goes in and works in an eccentric manner, it rips and goes down, and pulls out at the same time,” Burton said.
“It’s a lot quieter than a hammer and far more productive.”

Designed to perform excavation and demolition tasks in less time, at a lower cost and with minimum noise, the Xcentric Ripper is made with patented impact vibration accumulation technology.

A closed energy chamber is designed to prevent influence or damage from the outside by dust, water and dirt. The manufacturer claims work can even be completed underwater in harbours, canals and open sea without additional expense or complicated preparations.

The Xcentric Ripper is manufactured by the Spanish Grado Cero Group.

Grado Cero said the XR was more productive than any hydraulic breaker available on the market in 70% of the job applications both are designed for, and in 50% of job applications it can achieve production two to five times higher.

The product is ideal for applications which involve asphalt and concrete and is best used in trenching, direct mining in stone quarries, and in and under water.

The Xcentric Ripper shown at Civenex was the first in Australia and two more are being shipped over.
“This time saving attachment provides significant improvement over traditional up-and-down rock hammers,” the Civenex judges said.

“The gyratory motion of the eccentric ripper breaks rocks, stone, asphalt and concrete up to 100 per cent faster than traditional excavator attachments. It’s also a lot quieter.

“This attachment may well revolutionise rock breaking in Australia in terms of increased productivity.”